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Here the blog KANNADA SONGS introducing to you beautiful songs from Kannada. You can free download all the post and scrap your comments. This blogg will provide you the mega hits from Kannada film. Our special attraction ever green Kannada singer Dr. Raj Kumar hits and Kannada folk songs. You can enjoy with us. Please be a follower of this blog.

Bond with a vengeance

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BHAKTHI KUSUMA- Kannada devotional songs

Here we uploaded few songs from Bhakthi Kusuma, free download and enjoy. uploading more in this series very soon

Saturday, November 28, 2009

KANNADA FOLK SONG- free down load here

Download free Kannada folk song, get enjoy and get back you are in to you
kannada folk song-chellidaru malligeya.mp3
modalu nenedevu.mp3

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dr. Rajkumarand P.B.Srinivas hits!!!! free download here

Here the blog KANNADA SONGS introducing to you beautiful songs of  Karnataka evergreen mega hit makers Dr. Rajkumarand P.B.Srinivas hits!!!!
free download here!!! .
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Chenada malige.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Hadise datha.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Helaheru.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - holewaya jevana.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Pojesalendea.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Tham no no.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar&P.B.S.. - Yaru Thailayaru.mp3
Dr.Rajkumar-Aae hari.mp3


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